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Thomas Patrick

You have to stay engaged.

Hi everyone!When I’m asked, “what’s the hardest part of a job search”? I always say the same thing – “making sure that the jobseeker doesn’t mentally and emotionally ‘check out’ of the process” Here is an example of “checking out”… let’s say you find a pertinent (or ...



5 key takeaways from my experience as a Management Consulting job applicant

To start, let me tell you a little about my profile back in 2005 when I started my MBA. I had a BA in Psychology, a 640 GMAT, and 5 years of experience running a small high-performance auto parts business. Hardly the ideal profile for a Consulting job.



Do you dread giving presentations?

I know that I do.  Unfortunately, as scientists the medium through which we often present our findings is through either a poster or seminar presentation.  Either way, it involves standing in front of a group of people and telling them the story of your research.  Easy, right?  W...


Thomas Patrick

The Humble Assessment Exercise – Further Thoughts

In “coach speak,” an assessment exercise is a term we use to describe having the job seeker think about themselves, and then write about themselves, and then analyze what they have thought and written, for the purposes of illumination and guidance. The reason they are called “exercises”...



Science Fairs

I was recently given the opportunity to judge a few middle school science fairs, and I jumped at the chance.  Not only because I have never been to one (as I am English I have never participated in one before, either as a contestant or a judge) so I was curious to see what it was like, but also...



Ah, the rocket scientist from the Upper West Side

“Ah, the rocket scientist from the Upper West Side!” That was the greeting I got when I was called in for the voir dire with the attorneys. They knew this from the questionnaire all jurors had to complete on arrival at the courthouse. I had jury duty last week – the infamous jury duty of New Y...



Let's talk about patents

For a lot of scientists and engineers, although not everyone, at a certain stage of their careers patents become an important element of success. However, there are things to talk about. 

Lauren Celano


The Importance of your “Online Personal Brand”

Your online personal brand, that is how you portray yourself and how others see you, is very important for your networking and job search process. Even if you are not looking for a job, how your brand yourself online matters. Below are a few examples.Networking Scenario: 


Thomas Patrick

A common objection I get from unemployed people

“I need a job, who has time to think and write?” I hear this every time I am talking with a client for the first time.  I get it, you’re frustrated, angry, teetering on the edge financially. Still, you aren’t excused from doing the heavy lifting that a job search requires... l...



Coming to a close

As I write this blog entry, I reflect on all the things that have happened over the last year.  I got approval to defend my thesis, then successfully defended said thesis in March. I started looking for potential postdoc positions last year, then went on interviews in April. The interviews were...