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Making Friends in All Sorts of Places

Not too long ago my neighborhood had a street festival, the kind that’s celebrated with a community parade, a Ferris wheel, and 26 dedicated street blocks for booths. One of those booths happened to be the local Department of Energy (DOE) Lab’s booth, where I volunteered to work.



Blogging on Job Search Strategy

Hi!  My name is Peggy McKee and I am a business owner, recruiter, career coach, and a former sales rep and national-level sales manager.  My mission is to help candidates from all industries navigate their way through the job search and interview process in order to stand out from other ca...


Johnson Whitmore

Blogging to help your transition

Welcome to my BioCareers blog on Resumes, Search Action Plans and Cover Letters. My name is Diane Johnson Whitmore. Although I am now happily employed as a Career Strategist, I know from personal experience what it is like to transition between careers.  After first being attracted to finance, ...


How does your resume look?

Many times people have sent in their resumes for a job they believe is a perfect fit. Yet weeks have gone by and still they heard nothing back from the company. First you need to ask: How does your resume look?  Writing a good scientific resume is crucial to getting a job interview...



Making the most of an interview opportunity

With my long-term career goals oscillating to-and-fro regarding academic research, an interesting opportunity presented itself – an administrative/teaching, non-tenure-track faculty position.  Led by my curiosity with this alternate academic route, I decided to throw my name into the hat of c...



Teamwork Part 2: Seven Blind Mice and Matrix Organizations

One of my favorite children’s books is “Seven Blind Mice.”  This book retells the ancient Indian tale of seven blind men who try to decide what an elephant is like based on examining one part of it. In this book, it is seven blind mice that examine the elephant; six of them draw incorrect...



Provocative Questions

Last month, I co-chaired the steering committee to plan the 3rd Annual Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics Fellows’ Training Symposium. Our symposium’s theme this year was, “Shaping Future Research: Provocative Questions in Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics.” 



Is Your Dog In Your Network?

When I'm out talking to grad students and postdocs about the ins and outs of making the jump to the business world, one of the discussions that always gets going is about networking.  Networking is clearly one of those topics that generates a lot of interest, misinformation, and fear.  So ...



Escape From Lab and Think About Your Future

The 11th annual fellows and young investigators colloquium of National Cancer Institute (NCI) has been held in Williamsburg, VA from February 23-25th. The purpose of this retreat is to foster networking among young investigators, to facilitate career-development opportunities and to moderate the com...



Life After Thesis Defense

I am a little behind in my blog posts because I became overwhelmed with my thesis defense. The big day finally came, and I was able to present the work I’ve done over the last several years since arriving at Scripps Florida. I was very fortunate that my family lives fairly close, so my mom, sister...