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Leaving the bench to advance public knowledge of current research

Given the current dismal job prospects in tenure-track science academia, it’s no wonder more science PhDs are exploring alternative career options. Although we were groomed to succeed our mentors in the academy, bench life isn’t for everyone. Some of us don’t have the passion for conducting th...


Planning My Career

It is not often that one is asked to reflect and share experiences from one’s career.  I, like many others, spend the majority of my time examining and looking toward others who are much farther in their careers than I.  In fact, it might be a bit ridiculous for me to perform this exerci...


Sproul Hoverman

Plan Actively for Your Non-Academic Career

So you’ve obtained, or will a graduate degree in the life sciences, but you know for a certainty that traditional academia is not for you. Do you know what is? If you don’t then this blog is geared towards you.



Looking the Part

Today I want to focus on something that I believe a lot of scientists don’t really consider. Our clothing!  



The Long Engagement: Waiting to Hear Back After the Interview

The New York Times published a graphic,  the Beveridge Curve on March 6, 2013, noting that there is  “A Shift Toward Higher Job Vacancy Rates.” The New York Times Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.The Beveridge Curve compares the job vacancy rate with the unemployment rate.  ...


Thomas Patrick

Do things that are helpful, not this. Part III

Hello Everyone!In our last few installments, we’ve been discussing emails, cover letters, and resumes designed and sent out by those “build and blast” sites you can find all over the internet. 


25 Signs Your Job Is Killing You

You might joke about your job sucking the life out of you, but there’s actually truth behind the chuckles;  office life can be deadly. Sitting for hours upon hours, being exposed to fluorescent light, eating lunches out, and dealing with regular stress can take a major toll on your physical a...



Work-Life Balance – Is There Really Such a Thing?

Work-life balance is a type of a mystery similar to the loch de ness monster.


Reineke Pohlhaus

How to Attract a Headhunter

Ever been contacted by a headhunter?  I have. It was very flattering. . .The number one way to attract a headhunter is to have a LinkedIn profile and keep it active. The headhunter that contactedme use my LinkedIn profie, which is the method that tons of companies are using to do their recruiti...


Thomas Patrick

Do things that are helpful, not this. Part II

Hello Everyone!Last time, I talked about receiving a resume and cover letter from one of those “build and blast” websites you find all over the web promising to help job seekers. I gave you my take on those sites, and shared the subject line of the email as the first of many shining examples of ...