Basics of Curriculum Development

Chances are good that at some point in your career, you will need to teach people something in a formal environment like a classroom or lecture hall. You might get assigned the entire first year of intro bio (with labs), or you might just give a guest lecture in some graduate seminar where you ...


What if you still love teaching?

The truth is out there: The number of tenure track faculty positions is shrinking relative to the number of eligible candidates. Adjuncting may be viewed as a stop gap for departments who need instructors and candidates who are timing the job market, but these positions aren’t meant to be lon...


Working on an Agile Team

A fun buzzword I am seeing in job descriptions is agile. You will be part of an Agile team..., or ...using Agile methodology. It’s very common in the software industry, but certainly getting some usage in other industries that have projects where the goals or scope may change during the devel...


Jobs in Curriculum Development

In the new year, my job title changed from eLearning Specialist to eLearning Developer. My boss delivered this news with some hand waving about internal alignments, and my day to day work hasn’t changed. When I applied for my job as an eLearning Specialist, I wasn’t sure that I would make the cu...


Doing Your Homework

After choosing to leave the academic track behind, I had to begin focusing on my new career as a high school biology teacher.  I realized that I knew nothing about teaching teenagers, or understanding the complex world that science is.


Teaching: A Resource for Future Science Writers

If you’re having trouble finding a job or just looking to get some more experience, don’t be afraid to take a short-term position. While I was looking for a job in science writing, I also started looking for something temporary that I could do to beef up my resume (and bring in some money)....

Shu Chin

Careers in Different Fields: A Personal Prospective: Part 1, Academia

I will admit it, when I was a wee grasshopper, I had a rather naïve view of my future life as a professional. I vacillated between an aspiring, and probably a very hungry artist, a neurosurgeon and going to Africa to feed hungry children. Needless to say, over the years, my career has bobbed a...


The Stigma of Leaving

When I last wrote, I had been offered a position as a teacher, and jumped at the chance.  It has been the most fulfilling job I have ever had.  I have the chance every day to make a lasting impact on my students.


Lessons in Entrepreneurship: Two or More Heads are Better than One

My friend Liz is a serial entrepreneur, who brings resourcefulness and strength to every project. Recently, she’s brought the same resourcefulness to advocate for her family. I’ve been following her story through Facebook posts. Today, she wrote a quote that fit perfectly with my thoughts on ent...

Reineke Pohlhaus

Who Cares Where You Go?

Who cares where you go after graduate school, or after your postdoc?  You may think no one cares, but in fact a lot of people do (see, for example, responses to the PhD Placement Project).There is a huge movement right now in the US to track graduates. There is the thought that tracking placeme...